Named after the founder, Alex Crocker, the idea for was first conceptualized in 2021. Having been diagnosed with ADHD in the fourth grade, Alex strugged daily through school. Upon entering the workforce after college, Alex continued to face existing challenges and new ones that he would have to work out and come up with practical ways to cope. Alex faced personal cases of indirect discrimination in his job hunt. Despite having the required skills, many employers were either unsure or simply not willing to accomodate those of us that think different. The fight is not over after landing a job. Neurodivergent individuals face an uphill battle compared to their peers in the workplace. With the constant risk of an early termination after just a few months causes stress in even the most laid back individuals. In states with at-will employment, this issue is exasperated.

Alex realized something had to be done. Companies needed to be trained in how to best accomodate a growing neurodiverse population. Inclusive hiring programs have been created in many large companies in the last few years to level the playing field for all qualified applicants. One such company leading the charge is Microsoft.

While this is a step in the right direction, more work needs to be done. Alex will never stop fighting for change in the workplace for his neurodivergent peers. He is constantly brainstorming solutions and strategies in an effort to spread awareness to this global issue.