4 Automated Domain Name Appraisal Tools

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by Alex Crocker

Assessing a domain name’s value can be a time consuming and heavily biased process. Sometimes you just need a fair starting point to begin negotiations with an end user. These four tools can help you find a reasonable and fair starting price point for a domain name.


According to Estibot’s website, Estibot users collectively appraise over 2 million domain names per day using this automated tool. Whether you are an experienced domain investor or just a novice, Estibot offers professional grade research and investment tools utilizing the industry’s most comprehensive data sets and reporting technologies. Estibot lets you do a limited number of free appraisals. They have a number of worthwhile paid plans that offer more features as well as a developer api for building custom integrations into your product.


GoDaddy uses advanced machine learning tech to accurately predict the value of a domain name. With the massive amount of historical data that GoDaddy has amassed over the last 30 years, there’s no doubt that GoDaddy’s automated appraisal can accurately assess just about any domain name you throw at it. Best part about it is it’s completely free!


Like GoDaddy, Epik is a large, established registrar in the domain space. You can appraise an unlimited number of domains using their free basic appraisals, which provide you with a good base price to being negotiations with an end user. But also, unlike GoDaddy, they also offer premium professional appraisals for $395 per domain or $1295 for an entire portfolio.


NameWorth is the most limited of these appraisal tools as it only works with dot com domains, but it’s still worth using as I find it to give the most accurate valuation. Like Estibot, it gives you a limited number of free appraisals before you have to upgrade to a paid plan, but the pricing is reasonable for what you get.