Documenting active and parked “Discord” domains and their use cases [May 2022]

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by Alex Crocker

Discord Domain Directory banner

Since its founding in 2015, Discord has grown into one of the largest social chat apps for millennials and Generation Z on the web today. With over 150 million monthly active users as of March 2022, there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

It’s no surprise that third-party services are piggybacking on the success of Discord with all kinds of integrations to enhance a Discord user’s experience with the platform. Popular integrations include all kinds of chat bots and public directories to easily find new Discord communities to engage with.

Discord Domain Lists

I have gathered a list of domains that have been registered within the last 10 years containing the keyword “discord” or variations of the spelling word or name puns.

Active domains containing the full “discord” keyword

Domain NameUse Case
DiscordBotList.comDiscord chat bot directory
DiscordServers.comDiscord community directory
Discord.meDiscord community directory
Discord.stDiscord community directory
Discords.comDiscord community and chat bot directory
DiscordHome.comDiscord community directory
FindADiscord.comDiscord community directory
DiscordList.spaceDiscord community and chat bot directory
DiscordInvites.netDiscord community directory
DiscordBee.comDiscord community directory
DiscordList.meDiscord community directory
DiscordHub.comDiscord community directory
DiscordServerLists.comDiscord community directory
DiscordTop.comDiscord community directory
discord.centerDiscord community directory
DiscordExpert.comDiscord community directory

Active domains containing “discord” keyword variations

Domain NameUse Case
disboard.orgDiscord community directory
disforge.comDiscord community and chat bot directory

Active domains containing alternative keywords that target Discord users

Domain NameUse Case
top.ggDiscord community and chat bot directory
dyno.ggPopular Discord chat bot
mee6.xyzPopular Discord chat bot